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"The original script had Hank go for a run. But Robert Downey, Jr. told David Dobkin he wanted Hank to find his old bicycle at the family house, and he wanted the character to have the exact make and model he rode himself when he was a teenager. They managed to track one down for him, and it is a wonderful scene, seeing Hank begin to reconnect to what he loved in his old home."

—Robert Downey Jr. Really just wanted his old bike back (via brynndowney)


Producer Susan Downey on the women of “The Judge”:

Vera Farmiga plays Maggie, a single mother still living in the small Indiana town Hank left as a teenager. She is a capable, confident woman who knows who she is — and who Hank is.

That was really important to us. Obviously this movie is interesting because we have a lot of strong male leads in the movie between the two Roberts and the brothers, but the heart of the movie is really Vera’s character. And there’s also the missing female presence, the mother who passes away at the beginning. This is a bit of a blanket statement but I think that there is some truth to it, if Dad passes away, the family is probably still getting together for Thanksgiving. But if Mom passes away, she is kind of that pin in the grenade and you just don’t know where everything is going to scatter after she is gone.

And so for us, even though there weren’t female leading characters in it, it was important that the ones that were there are really meaningful and strong. That means the mother, that means Hank’s daughter, his ex-wife and then with Vera. She is a girl with a lot of spunk and she is not a victim. She was terribly hurt when Hank left so abruptly but she carried on. But she is a gal who really does kind of sashay through life and has a lot of pride in who she is, and isn’t going to feel sorry for herself at all, and she takes control of her own circumstances and her own life.

So Vera as a casting choice is perfect because she really brought a lot of that swagger. She brought a lot of the one liners and also her sort of philosophy about life to the character. And it was important that she was somebody who felt very strong opposite Hank. (X)


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As Peter Highman in Due Date (2010)

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